About SchoolCatchUp

SchoolCatchUp is leading IT Solutions Company which form IT Services and Solutions as per your requirements. We are located where our clients need us, in addition to our head office in Delhi. We have expertise in web designing, ERP solutions and mobile app development for educational institutes & industrial establishments. SchoolCatchUp, your IT Consultant, provides a complete, innovative business/academic solutions in terms of the IT proficiency that your business/institute requires. We offer our expertise for your business/institute unit. By understanding your business model we develop a complete end to end solution - Matching your IT requirements with Physical lay out, IT infrastructure design, package of customized softwares, IT skill development of the employees or individuals whosoever required. We help you to use the Information Technology to innovate and invent value addition to your products and services. We rise with our clients.

Role of SchoolCatchUp in Educational Establishments

These days the organizations have been talking about Change. The real change has been brought by the global business with the evolution and use of computers. The fastest of the changes that are occurring in the current era is the IT change. Being an IT literate is most important to handle these changes for both the business and individual to keep their position or touch new horizons. The market is producing better services and current products being modified with new features all thanks to IT evolution, which is accelerating at a faster rate then the new products being developed. The IT is playing a significant developmental role in all sectors of society- government, household, business, etc. When we talk about the business- each sector is now implementing the IT infrastructure and keeps a close look at what new technology is being provided by the IT market. IT is helping to reach the sections of society- students, employees, consumer etc.

Education is not an exception; and ensuing times, undoubtedly, will witness dramatic upsurge in growth of IT & Digital Infrastructure across the horizon of Basic & Higher Education Sector all across the globe . Information Technology has become a key enabler for all verticals as it acts a backbone for everyday functions, processes, applications and management. Internationally school are raking in billions of dollars to build and improve their IT infrastructure to an elevated level to run School Management operations (like Admissions, HRD affairs, Fee Collection, Transport Management, Hostels Administration, Library Management etc.) in a productive and efficient manner. Each educational institute wants to put in place a comprehensive bi-directional communication channel between staff & parents and students as two polarities. In a scenario, where SMART devices based on web and mobile apps are becoming integral & important parts of our life, education vertical calls for specific applications of the technology to further social and economic gains for all the stakeholders. Advancements in IT have a bearing on socioeconomic trends having a profound implication on the functioning of schools and universities. Considering all factors, needs and requirements of schools, colleges, institutes and other educational bodies, as a complete one-stop-destination product for all the needs of basic and higher education sector in different academic settings.

SchoolCatchUp Benefits for Various Stakeholders

With “SchoolCatchUp”, educational institutes can share real time updates of activities/happenings/reports emanating in the confines of classroom and school campus with parents, without dissipating efforts on underlying clerical drudgery. Intelligent features of “SchoolCatchUp” will reinforce the scale of teacher-parents interaction, with an objective to bring an element of real time information and transparency regarding the student’s activities and accomplishments. Naturally, this will infuse more involvement on the part of the parents, in contributing towards the advancement of their child’s studies and other non-curricular activities.

The institutes will witness a watershed change in the way its schools/college and its functionaries are monitored. The adoption of “SchoolCatchUp” will help to run productive & fast operation, provide quick, transparent and accurate reporting. With all information on virtual internet space, the file/filing system of past will get an image makeover to give way to a more analytical, systematic and organized way of record management. Paper-less operations will further help the institutes to cut down on stationary expenses; and will contribute towards the larger goal of conservation of nature. Dissemination and reception of information would become faster, more efficient and more organized in nature.

Better informed Parents/Guardians: With mobile telephony making inroads in the hinterland, it will be easier for parents and guardians to know about the progress/performance of their ward studying in school. The application is well suited for parents/guardians remain updated of their student who may be studying in a far-off located school.

Environment Friendly Initiative: “SchoolCatchUp” is a wholly mobile/computer driven application, thus pushing for paper less documentation in schools. This will prove to be a major drive in greening the operations of Schools, by cutting down on consumption of paper. With four trees cut down to meet the paper requirement of one student on an annual basis, the count of trees that can be saved from getting axed down is phenomenal. This will be a big gain towards conservation of environment.